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Welcome to the new Parachute Industry Association Parachute Rigger's Forum!


The Parachute Industry Association and the PIA Rigging Committee welcome you to this forum and hope that you will find it of great use.  Our aim is to provide a forum for riggers and by riggers.  


This forum is for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge between riggers and to the general skydiving community from riggers.  Only riggers currently certified under their home country's or another organized system are allowed to post to this forum.  Membership in PIA is not required.  All are welcome to read the questions and the discussion which follows.  Additionally, all are welcome to submit questions to the moderators.  If the question is deemed to be of general interest it will be posted in the appropriate category for discussion and answers from the forum community.


Registration for posting privileges to the forum requires approval of the moderators.


As always PIA recommends that you contact the manufacturer for product specific questions.  They may be posted here but remember that the manufacturers instructions should be your initial and primary guidance. 


Unlike the previous PIA Rigging Forum posts will not require approval.  This means that users will be responsible for the content of their posts.  Posts inappropriate for this forum include advertising, personal attacks, and attacks on any particular manufacturer or product.  Comparisons or contrasts of two products or manufacturers are appropriate as long as they are based on fact. Expressions of personal preferences and the basis for them are also appropriate.  This is a forum for the discussion of parachute rigging and directly associated topics.  Posts concerning any unrelated topic will be deleted.  This is an international forum so please recognize that rules and regulations vary widely between countries.  Also remember that intelligent people can hold varying opinions and that many parts of rigging are subject to interpretation and variation.  Please agree to disagree if necessary.  Also remember that the world is watching, including regulatory agencies and attorneys.


The moderators will have final authority to edit (with notation) or delete posts and suspend or permanently revoke forum privileges of registered members.  Generally fair warning will be given but in extreme cases action will be taken without prior notice.  Threads which have reached their logical conclusion or have digressed to irresolvable arguments will be locked.


By participating in this forum you agree to abide by these rules.  These rules may be modified at any time and continued participation after a change indicates you acceptance. 

Terry Urban
Master Rigger
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